Neue Wege für Jungs

New Paths in Career and Life Planning for Boys

New Paths for Boys is a nationwide network and information platform. Since 2005 we have successfully supported groups and providers in the field of gender-sensitive career and life orientation for boys.

New Paths for Boys provides people committed to the task with the latest expert information, print and online materials, as well as teaching media.
We organise nationwide conferences and meetings, in order to facilitate exchange between researchers and practioners.

New Paths for Boys also coordinates the nationwide Boys’Day – Future Prospects for Boys, which is held once a year in April, in parallel to Girls’Day.

The project is aimed at educational and social work professionals, career advisers, HR-teams, people responsible for education and training, as well as parents. A list of all the partners of the network can be found here.

Service Bureau New Paths for Boys

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